Phi Beta Epsilon was established as a local fraternity at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1890, making it one of the oldest fraternities at MIT. The founding fathers shared a common goal: to create a community aimed at fostering a true sense of brotherhood and at advancing the literary, scientific, and social pursuits of its members. They succeeded, and we still honor their values today.

PBE is located at 400 Memorial Drive, overlooking the Charles River. As a result of our age and location, brothers have played influential roles in our school's history for decades. From our distinguished alumni whose professional and monetary contributions can be seen around campus to the countless brothers who have excelled as leaders in student organizations, athletic teams and in the classroom, PBE has left a lasting impression throughout the Institute.

Although we have updated some customs to fit the times, we still pride ourselves in our traditions, and we aim to continue producing a quality class of brothers every year. The values of our founding fathers have united brothers for over 120 hundred years and brought friendship and brotherhood to more than one thousand men who still consider "Old 400" their home.

To reaffirm our commitment to our founders' values and guide Phi Beta Epsilon into the 21st century, in Spring 2012 we introduced an official Phi Beta Epsilon Mission Statement:

Mission Statement of Phi Beta Epsilon

All organized activities of Phi Beta Epsilon, including New Member Education, are conceived in support of our members' character, community, and service.

Phi Beta Epsilon strives to build its members' character inspired by its traditional credo of the True Gentleman, complementing the technical competence gained from attendance at MIT.

Phi Beta Epsilon cultivates an intentional community among its members for the dual purposes of providing emotional support during the undergraduate experience and the development of members' interpersonal and organizational skills.

Phi Beta Epsilon encourages a spirit of service to MIT and the broader society as the natural expression of the character and competence undergraduates gain from their experience at MIT.